Simon has packed in a wealth of experience in the first ten years of his career. He began in the specialized world of on-set special effects, working on big hollywood productions before moving into camera operating and lighting which has helped shaped his skills as an award-winning cinematographer .


Having built up a solid reputation for his sharp eye and sense of dramatic mood through commercials, working for some of the biggest brands such as Superdry, Renault, Mars, Samsung, and Glenfiddich, this soon led him into his real passion, film and narrative fiction.


Simon has DoP’d BBC’s short sci-fi film ‘Cognition’ starring Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) and Andrew Scott (Bond, Sherlock Holmes), the internet sensation 'Predator: Dark Ages', and received two ‘Best Cinematography’ awards for his work on the short film 'I AM HENRY'.  He has since gone on to complete multiple short films in various genres.


He has naturally moved into feature films, having shot the action/thriller ‘VENGEANCE’ starring Stu Bennett (former WWE wrestler) in 2016, an Art-House Romanian film ‘MEMENTO AMARE', a coming-of-age drama ‘ACCEPTABLE DAMAGE' in 2017, and has just wrapped on the International Chinese Feature ’THE GRANDEST WEDDING OF ROYALS'.


Simon is a part of the BAFTA crew, and represented in the UK as well as having been recently attached to the famous Murth Skouras in the USA, who represents some of the biggest DP’s in the world such as John Seale (Mad Max: Fury Road), Dan Mindel (Star Wars: Force Awakens) and Trent Opaloch (AVENGERS: Infinity Wars).


His style of cinematography varies from project to project, but he will always interpret the directors vision and script into producing lighting and camera angles that truly represent the style and essence of the film.




















B I O G R A P H Y  &  C R E D I T S

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(Shooting on 16mm Film for a recent promo)

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