Simon recently wrapped on a studio based feature film for a well known horror franchise 'JEEPERS CREEPERS: Reborn' with 'Iron Sky' director Timo Vuorensola, whilst his most recent short film, 'BOYS' directed by Ashley Walters (Bullet proof), has been screening on SkyArts and NowTV.

In 2019 Simon filmed Espionage Spy thriller 'LEGACY OF LIES' starring Scott Adkins, that was shot in the Ukraine and UK, with its release in the USA through Lionsgate, and the UK through Signature Entertainment. It is now available to watch on Amazon and has reached number 4 in the UK Netflix Film chart.

A Sci-Fi short film called ‘COGNITION', starring Andrew and Jeremy Irvine reached Cinema's and online last year. It received a TV report on it's success by BBC London News and has since been longlisted for the Oscar's 2021.

In 2018 he shot 'I AM VENGEANCE: RETALIATION' starring Vinnie Jones.

Released in 2020 it hit number 2 in the top UK films on Netflix.

The films prequel 'I AM VENGEANCE' was released in cinema's across America and on US Netflix.

In April 2018 he also shot 'THE GRANDEST WEDDING OF ROYALS' an International Chinese Production based on a Manga Comic Book, working alongside a Chinese Cast & Director.

His other previous features, Art-house Romanian film 'MEMENTO AMARE'

is in festivals worldwide and coming-of-age film 'ACCEPTABLE DAMAGE' has been released in UK cinema's and now on Sky store and Amazon Prime.  

Simon has also been filming commercials for the likes of Euro Star, Berocca,

Wahl, Superdry, Renault, Mars, Samsung, Glenfiddich, and Warbuton's to name a few.

Winner of Four 'Best Cinematography' Awards for short films 'I AM HENRY' and 'THESSALUS & MEDEA'.

Simon’s background working on blockbuster films as a practical SFX technician has given him the edge over others when it comes to action, pyrotechnics and working with VFX Supervisors.

Represented in the UK by fabulous BERLIN ASSOCIATES and in the USA by the reputable MURTHA SKOURAS.

BSC Magazine

'New Wave DOP 2020'

British Cinematographer Magazine selected Simon as their 'NEW WAVE' rising star DOP, featuring him in an article of their January 2020 issue. He has also had an article in October 2020 about 'Legacy of Lies', one of his latest feature films to be released on Netflix.


Simon was recently interviewed by Mark Komode about his work on the Sci-fi short film 'Cognition'. The short is currently longlisted for best Action short at the Oscars 2021.

Simon's most recent film has now been announced via Variety magazine as Jeepers Creepers: Reborn.



Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (Feature)

Legacy of Lies (Feature)

Boys (Short- Tv Aired)

Cognition (Short- Cinema release)

I am Vengeance: Retaliation (Feature)

The Grandest Wedding (Feature)

Cubicle (Short)

Acceptable Damage (Feature)

I am Vengeance (Feature)

Predator: Dark Ages (Short)

I am Henry (Short)


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